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To professionally manage, in order to maximise the sustainable creation of economic, social and ethical value. To seek excellence both at the business model level and at the level of products and services developed in permanent harmony with Nature, whilst taking care of the well-being of our people. To produce technical solutions in safe and customised paints and varnishes, adapted to the needs and demands of the client, for treatment, protection and surface decoration.


    2. VISION

The Lusoverniz Group aims to be a global technical reference in products and solutions for the embellishment, protection and treatment of surfaces, specifically, wood of any type, application manner or place it is located. 


The objective of the Lusoverniz Group is the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, supported by a policy of ' Lean & Risk Thinking' and aims to:


  • Maximise client satisfaction by providing products and services which meet expectations regarding functionality, quality and innovation, through good technical assistance and deadlines.

  • Continuously improve Company processes through systematisation and simplification, specialised training for employees, appropriate use of technology, research and implementation of new improvement actions;

  • Increase the contribution and participation of all employees in the improvement of processes, in order to achieve the Company's objectives, relative to the creation of Economic Value, Ethical Value and Social Value which result in an Increase of Client Value.

This Quality Policy is implemented and applied in all areas of activity related to the research, development, production and marketing of paints and varnishes, extending to all functional areas of the company. However, the Lusoverniz Group is not responsible for informing interested parties of any changes to the aforementioned Quality Policy. 


dg.01.08 Quality Policy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               abril-2018

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